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Эта система питания разработана Алексеем Ковальковым - российским диетологом, автором книг по снижению веса, который сам похудел.

Jul 1, 2018 The children achieved satisfactory tolerance of oral diet between 3 – 4 weeks Yury Kozlov, PhD1, Polina Baradieva1, Konstantin Kovalkov2, Primary insurance varied by race, with 73% of white patients having private insurance vs. Linda Li1, Eva Notis2, Andrew Silverman1, Alexey Abramov1, .

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Alexey Kovalkov (April 19, 1962, Moscow) is a Russian dietitian, doctor of medical science, In June 2015, he published the book called "Diet for gastronome" ("Dieta dlya gourmanov"). This is an illustrated gift version of the book "Interesting .

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